Kaypi Kunan was born with the purpose of providing a quality educational complement and impact the education indexes of Peru. We launch our projects based on collaborative and inclusive methods of learning. We want to leave a positive mark on our Andean communities.



Provide a free educational complement of quality from the training in human values, with the purpose of contributing to the transformation of societies and improve the living conditions of Andean communities.



Train children and young people committed to the sustainable development of their communities and the transformation of their natural and social environment.



The Kaypi Kunan Association is a project that promotes the values of freedom, participation, fraternity, commitment, self-esteem, responsibility, appreciation of opportunities and respect.


Education for All


  • Children and young people who feel the responsibility of others, of their natural and social environment.
  • Social and ethical transformation of reality.
  • Children and young people who feel capable of growing and transforming reality.


  • Ethic formation.
  • Promotion of the discovery of human values.
  • Commitment to the other, the natural and social environment.
Education in Values
Education Development


  • Orientation to the world of work.
  • Social and ethical transformation of reality.
  • Develops skills where values and production are present.


The Kaypi Kunan Association was born in 2006, when Mery Calderón found the community of Umasbamba. The first relationship we had with the community was through tourism. We had friends who came to visit Peru to experience life as a place, so the women weavers sold their fabrics and the passengers marveled at the traditional way of life where they live.

After a year, we opened an educational classroom in Umasbamba, where children and youth from the community could attend after school. So we supported in two ways: first, in the training of the participants, and in the second place we offered the mothers the possibility of working their full working hours, knowing that their children would be attending educational activities. This is how we inaugurated the Kids Learning Center in 2007.

Kaypi Kunan History
Kaypi Kunan History

This project was well received, so we decided to undertake a new way of supporting more communities and also covering other areas of knowledge. In this opportunity we set ourselves the goal of training children and young people in technology. Through donations we were able to acquire computers and implement the Itinerant Computer Center in 2011, with an educational offer where the machines are brought to the communities and free technology training courses are offered to their participants.

Today, we develop a project to encourage the reading habit to increase literacy rates in the country and to provide a space for creativity and freedom in the Andean communities. We are giving life to the Rolling Library project to bring reading to children and young people in remote villages of the Andes.

Library project