We connect those who do well, with those who need it.

Kaypi Kunan Association

We are a Peruvian association oriented in social assistance and focused on education. Kaypi Kunan means here and now in the Quechua language. Our motivation is to leave a positive footprint in the world and we want you to be part of this beautiful project in actively participating in the change that the world needs.


Education First

Every little bit counts and every action we take is a contribution to improve the conditions of many people. Through our projects we seek to strengthen and empower Andean children and adults, developing enriching educational activities that promote learning with values. We believe that supporting from within the community is the best way to increase the possibilities of development in Peru.

  • In rural areas of Peru, 76.6% of women and 93.2% of men are literate, compared to the United States with a literacy rate of 99%.
  • The average years of study of a Peruvian is 10 years. That is to say, studies on average last until the fourth year of secondary school.
  • In Peru, illiteracy is higher in the rural area where it affects 14.9% of the population, compared to urban areas where it is 3.5%. The difference is four times greater than in the urban area.
  • Illiteracy affects more people with native mother tongue with 16.1%, being 4.7 times higher than with Spanish mother tongue.

“My first language is Quechua, but since I was little I used the books that were in the Kids Learning Center and I learned to communicate better in the Spanish language, and that’s why I was able to study at the university in Cusco.”

Maribel Hancco.

Our Projects

umasbamba learnig center kaypi kunan
Kids Learning Center

We offer children and young people from the Umasbamba community the opportunity to receive additional educational support…

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kaypi kunan computer center
Computer Center

We offer diverse Andean communities the opportunity to acquire useful computer skills in the educational and professional…

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Rolling Library

We promote knowledge through reading in Spanish for children and young people living in Andean communities of Cusco…

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