Learning Center project

More than ten years ago, the first study hall was opened in the Umasbamba community, based on the need to support the education of children and young people in the Peruvian Andes. Mery Calderón, founder of the Association, immediately recognized an opportunity to stimulate the growth and empowerment of this community through education. That is why the Andean Children’s Learning Center was started as a way to give children the opportunity to empower themselves through education.
Today, more than two-thirds of school-age children in the community visit the Andean Children’s Learning Center to receive educational support and counseling daily after school. We have had an uninterrupted presence in Umasbamba over the last few years, making it possible for many of the children who started in the program to be attending higher education.

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Computer Center Project

In 2011, mobile training centers were implemented with technologies to serve the Andean communities. These training centers are established in six different Andean communities for five months, offering computer classes to the residents of the communities five days a week.

The process begins with a formal agreement between the communities and the Association. By involving them in the planning phase we increase their commitment and interest in the successful development of the project. After having agreed to a contract, we take the computers and assign teachers in a physical space facilitated by the community.

Our goal is to maximize the access of community members to the use of the computer and the use of technological tools to increase self-sufficiency in the communities. Additionally, we provide opportunities for computer literacy, which in turn offers greater opportunities for personal and professional development.

The Kaypi Kunan Association provides the basic tools to make the computer center successful and functional, but also to encourage each community to be self-sufficient and continue the project on their own after the classes with the Kaypi Kunan Association have ended. We do not want communities to become dependent on the Association; we want to provide all the tools to allow the community IT training center to continue to prosper once our project comes to an end.

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kaypi kunan computer center

Project Rolling Library

Literature is a window to knowledge for those who enjoy it. From this point of view, we propose the development and implementation of the “Rolling Library” project, as a pedagogical strategy to bring literature to children and young people of Andean communities.

This project consists of the visit of a mobile unit supplied with books donated by passengers, which reaches communities where access to education is limited. People from the communities are offered guided reading and, in addition, storytelling is provided to stimulate creativity and imagination in those who serve the communities.

Rolling Library is a bus conditioned to take books to diverse communities. The bus will visit ten communities a week along with a group of volunteers from the main universities of Cusco. This project will be supported by the voluntary participation of students from the universities of Cusco or as an internship alternative for students in recent years. For this, an agreement will be established with the universities of the city.